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Ripon City Plan Referendum will be held on 14th February

25th January 2019
Ripon Civic Society is one of the original organisations supporting the preparation of a neighbourhood plan for the parish of the City of Ripon. The Plan goes by the brand name of Ripon City Plan.
Over past days voters in Ripon have received polling cards for the referendum on Thursday 14th February. Unfortunately, the polling card doesn't explain what the referendum is about. In fact, the question is -
“Do you want Harrogate Borough Council to use the Ripon Neighbourhood Plan to help it decide planning applications in the Ripon Neighbourhood Area?”
Ripon City Council has prepared a leaflet briefly explains what the referendum and the Plan are about. These are to be distributed to Ripon households in the coming days.
As long as a majority of those people voting are in favour of the referendum question then Harrogate Borough Council will make our Plan part of the Development Plan for the district. Policies in our Plan will then carry the same weight as other policies.
Some Society members have worked, usually behind the scenes, to hold consultations at different stages, prepare evidence and documents for the Plan to be submitted for independent examination. It has passed all the hurdles and the referendum is the last stage. Society members eligible to vote are encouraged to do so; and, naturally, for the Plan.
The Plan can be viewed online at https://www.harrogate.gov.uk/info/20103/neighbourhood_planning/575/ripon_neighbourhood_plan
and https://riponcityplan.com which includes this link: rcd- final plan 2019
A paper copy can be read at either Ripon Library or the Town Hall customer centre. (A copy of the Plan can be read as well at the Harrogate Civic Centre.)

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