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3rd March 2008
Ripon Civic Society, Ripon City Amateur Swimming Club, Harrogate & Ripon Water Polo Club and 'Save Our Spa' have joined forces to petition HBC for time to develop a scheme that will better the future of Ripon.

DID YOU KNOW that HBC are planning to:

* demolish the Ripon Spa Baths;
* sell the site for "luxury" housing;
* provide a new pool with fewer facilities and;
* build on the children's playing fields at Camp Close?

DID YOU KNOW that HBC are:

* implementing new legislation in October 2008 to curb 'greedy' developers;
* rushing these plans through to avoid being caught by their very own rules;
* failing to comply with a legal obligation to ensure that the Spa Baths has a future
use as a community asset.

Please support the petition - print out a sheet for friends and neighbours to sign - and return to the address on the form.

Together we can ensure a better future for Ripon.

Sign the petition now!

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