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11th July 2013

An actor from Shakespeareís Globe Theatre, appearing in King Lear at Newby Hall, will unveil a new green plaque marking surviving parts of Riponís former Theatre Royal on THURSDAY 11 JULY.

Actor Joseph Marcell, who plays King Lear, will take part in the ceremony at the invitation of Ripon Civic Society. He is a member of the Globe Theatreís touring company Ė a significant link with Riponís Theatre Royal, which was built in 1792 for Samuel Butlerís touring theatre company.

Only two walls from the 18th-century theatre survived a fire in 1918; by then the building had been converted first into a military riding school and then a drill hall. They are now incorporated into the Calvertís Carpets store, and the company has made a generous contribution to the cost of the plaque.

David Winpenny, Chairman of Ripon Civic Society, says, ĎRiponís Theatre Royal saw some of the great 18th- and 19th-century actors, including Edmund Keane, on its stage, so itís very appropriate that Joseph agreed to come along to mark the unveiling of this new plaque. We are very grateful to him and his colleagues, and to Will Calvert of Calvertís Carpets, for their support.í

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