Ripon Civic Society organises a monthly programme of talks and presentations from September through May to which members and guests are welcome. In addition, occasional excursions, events and social activities may also be scheduled.

The Society has also instigated or is an integral partner in diverse projects that benefit the city and the surrounding area.

These include:

  • assessing planning applications and commenting on them to Harrogate Borough Council
  • acting in a consultative capacity on the current Ripon Barracks Development scheme
  • advising on the setting up, enlargement and review of the city’s Conservation Area
  • commenting on the Borough’s Local Plan
  • putting up informative green plaques on historic buildings and in other locations around the city
  • compiling a photographic record of all Ripon’s Listed Buildings, its alleyways and shop fronts
  • playing a major role in the restoration of the Market Square and the implementation of the central traffic scheme
  • setting up the Ripon Museum Trust
  • creating Allhallows Park out of former wasteland
  • restoring the 1911 Cabmen’s Shelter in the Market Square and donating it to Ripon City Council
  • publishing books and leaflets of local interest including a series of guided walks in and around Ripon

Ripon Civic Society’s Biennial Awards recognise the achievements of architects, builders, developers, craftsmen and the owners of properties which enhance the City of Ripon and its surrounding villages.

These Awards are presented for:

  • New building or building refurbishment
  • Environmental improvement
  • Craftsmanship
  • Shop front improvement
  • Conservation / energy saving
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